Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ghosts and Goblins...oh...and a Portia Witch????

Belated Halloweenie post...but here are our pumpkins in all their drunken carved glory. Just kidding, actually we were stone cold sober when we made these masterpieces. I actually loved how the mouth turned out on mine this year and since that is typically where I start to go seriously wrong, I was jazzed. Maybe after 32 years of carving I am finally getting the hang of it. Call me a slow learner.



We also had one for Princess P but the photos didn't come out so good this year.

Speaking of Princess is the most tolerant dog in the world in her Ween-getup. When I see these pictures I can't help but day she is going to snap. And then who's going to get it? Us. That's right. There will be no one to blame but ourselves when we wake up one morning with extremities missing.

After the consumption of WAY too much mediocre Hershey's owned milk-chocolate this year...I am okay with seeing Halloween pass us by. We did have amazing caramel apples from Schurra's which I have convinced myself are health food. I mean after all the Kit Kat's I apple with some caramel on it and nuts has to be health food RIGHT???

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