Sunday, November 4, 2007

Birthday Celebration.

Yes, it happened yet again. My birthday. This year we were in Acapulco when it went the celebrations have happened hodgepodge intermittently all week long kinda thing. Last nite we had dindins with my parents and I ended up scoring a sweet iPod Nano in ProductRED style...spent way too long last nite and this morning loading all my goodies into it. It even holds pictures. Welcome to 2007, hanging with my husband has turned me into a luddite.

New Toy. Along with a fab cup of espresso my better half made me while I was playing around with the Nano.

During dinner numnums.

We have eaten at this place a few times in Los Gatos and this time it just was seriously sucking..the food wasn't as good and the service was horrendous. So we probably won't go back. I'm glad I didn't do a Yelp review yet on the place, for whatever reason I was waiting til last nite.

We did get the most amazing gelato at...of course, Powells, after dinner. They have PUMPKIN right now...hopefully for the rest of the month. Just divine.

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