Friday, November 16, 2007


So my trainer did another body composition mass test on me on Monday but I had to wait til yesterday to get my results. The last time I did it was August 30 and I was 23.5% body fat, in the normal range for my age and weight and all that. My goal is 20.5% which is in the 'excellent' range for my age and weight and would make me really quite lean. I was so jazzed to find that my test on Monday put me at 21.2% which is awesome! I am really close to my goal. I can visually see I am carrying more lean muscle, but it's nice to have the #'s to validate the visuals as well. So YAY for that. Of course if they did the test yesterday it would have shown donut levels of body fat. Hee.

Speaking of donuts, I got a great workout in yesterday, we did pilates upper body for 40 min along with some seriously painful-yet-effective abs, and then a Zumba class which is so amazingly fun even for us uncoordinated types. You don't even care what you look like. Just dance around!!

Check out Zumba at . Warning: The music is seriously addicting.

On a fun foodie breakkie note...if you like oatmeal and you like protein powder (Well, I would imagine no one actually LIKES pp, but it does get you results)...I have been mixing my plain organic oatmeal with vanilla TJ's protein powder and it's quite tasty. Keeps the sugars low, protein high and it's got FIBER. Plusses all around. If I close my eyes I can almost imagine I'm eating french toast. Almost.

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