Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Una mas por favor...

Finally got some of the pictures uploaded and cropped and all that...so here are some highlights. I'll be uploading them to OfotoslashKodakGallery soon so that people can buy prints...so I'll add the link to that later.

Somehow coming back to the daily grind (which has been grindier than normal the last 3 days with all day meetings *and* playing catch up) seems extra cruel when viewing these photos...ahhh!!! Where's that winning lotto ticket when ya need it.

View from our room balcony...how sweet was this.

Us at the rehearsal dinner...after a few drinkies!!

Some photos from the church where the wedding was held...it was so pretty.

Photos from the reception, we had a smashingly good time and went to bed at 5am. The beautiful thing about vacation you can sleep til noon and it doesn't matter!

Mango drinkie yum.

Palapa prettiness. Lounge area where we hung out before dinner.

Amazing view from the palapa open area just beyond the photo. The whole island was so lush...such beauty.

Verra tasty local place we grubbed at one night in town....mmm authentic enchiladas.

Other random moments captured with my Canon:

One fine morning at breakfast...my handsome husband.

Awesome view from the water on the 2 hour jetski ride we took with the Frenchies. 30 foreigners zipping around on the open water? Scary. Especially since we were riding them on the OCEAN. Yeah.

For those interested in more photos...here is our Ofoto link the wondrous many pictured album:

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