Monday, November 12, 2007

Slacker. Diamond Travels. Holidays?!?

Wow, it's been a week since I posted? I'm a slacker. I was out of town a few days last week so work was notably insane before the trip.

Where'd I go? Houston baby!!! I met up with a girlfriend who lives on the East Coast and we did the bling thing with our jeweler, WhiteFlash (!) yet again. This is becoming an annual thing! As usual it was a ton of fun, tried on a 5c again, man that thing was so meant to be mine, along with my wannabe NYC penthouse living life. I've got some pictures on my digicam so I'll upload them at some point.

Didn't come home with anything new, though they are scoping out a few things for me in Antwerp this week. Xmas pendant fun is coming to a stocking near ME!

Speaking of Xmas, just started to do my shopping...why does it seem to get harder every year?? Either that or I get less and less creative. I'm sure it's the former. Oh, and on the same holiday note, we somehow got suckered into hosting Thanksgiving...can you believe it's only 9 days away???

This year, I'm responsible for my famous mashed potatoes, a veggie (glazed lemon carrots baby!), and the famous pumpkin pie from The Creamery in Palo Alto (mega yums). And Greg and I also have our own mini Thanksgiving the night before which I love. I'll be brining our turkey again this year...gotta place my order with Whole Paycheck for our small 9 lber. Maybe with this recipe...

Cedar Brined Turkey:

And I might try the new Williams Sonoma foccacia bread looked super tasty in the store. We'll see how perky I feel about going to the mall and buying it in the next 7 days. Esp since it's not online. Argh!

Speaking of the MALL (boy I can just digress for days), did you get the 20% Restoration Hardware Friends and Family coupon in your inbox? If not, get your paws on one. It's awesome. I am already planning our home decor for the holiday season, to my husband's everlasting storage chagrin, and every little discount helps. Ho Ho Ho!

On a final note, I'm currently reading a really good book. I picked it up at the airport...I swear I find great things there. It's called Rhett Buttler's People and it's fairly new, and it's the Gone with the Wind story from Rhett's perspective, really mostly about his life and his stories. So far it's quite hard to put down. Highly recommended. Buy it.

Rhett Butler's People:

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aljdewey said...

Woo-hoo! Great food and great BLING in Houston. Was mah-valous to see you, dahlink. :-)