Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sugar Butter Flour GOOD!!!!

Despite all my best intentions to be 'food good' in anticipation of some seriously crazy Thanskgiving consumption over the next few days, I convinced my coworkers that today was a good day to visit this bakery I'd been jonesing over since seeing it showcased on Yelp almost daily. It became an obsession. It didn't disappoint. They have a small lunch menu which is really just a thinly veiled excuse to visit the place to get DESSERT and yet still have something slightly nutritional as well. I got the Tuscan Chicken Sandwich which was tasty. Grilled veggies. Water.

Boom onto the dessert cases. It was hard to choose but I decided to focus and only get the breads and croissants this time. Save cupcakes, cookies for another visit. Picked up a slice of banana walnut bread, pumpkin bread, sour cream coffee cake. Oh my. We'll be eating yummy breakkie the next few days with some coffee. Then got a pumpkin cheesecake 8" round for dessert tomorrow night for our small early Tday dinner with friends. Coworkers got a bunch of things, we came back and sampled them. OMG good!!!! Really not much else to say other than we will be returning post-haste to sample more sweet treats after the holiday.

Chocolate Pyramid:


Oh and 'food good'? So not happening. I'm hitting the gym after work today for penance, it'll be sickly sweet.

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Janna & Derrick said...

That tiramisu looks AMAZING!
How could you just have boring bread when there were things like chocolate pyramids and homemade tiramisu wonderfulness behind the glass case??