Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ho Ho Ho...Hum.

It's that time of year again. Okay not REALLY. It's barely Thanksgiving. But I can't help thinking about Xmas. Because I love it. It's really my favorite time of the year. Food, gifts, home's all up my alley. I get drunk on it.

So because it's right around the corner, I only have two things on my mind. Decorating the house, and.....PRESENTS. Mostly presents. For other people of course.

But I'll force myself to focus tonite as I head over to the mall and look around for xmas gifts and home decor items for the upcoming holiday season. I am determined to not be at the mall on Dec 24 getting my last desperate gifts. Determined I say!

Thinking of these for my beloved husband..the Bose earbuds. They are smashin'.

Possibly along with some beautiful blue cabachon cuff links that I found on Red Envelope. But I would love to find something that has cuff links AND the button ties as well for the tux shirt. So far no dice.

Already have picked up a few goodies here and there for people on the list. Gotta figure out our Xmas cards. We always talk about doing a photo of us with Portia but the fact is...we're lazy. And then suddenly it's time to mail the cards. So I grab a box from the local store and dash out a message and mail them. Yep, holiday card slacker...that's me! Sometimes I feel like I'm just lucky to get them in the mail before Dec 25.

On a super cute puppy note...we have been seeing this ad everywhere in mags and on TV and we love playing it for Portia, she goes NUTS when she sees it on the screen!! Fun times.

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