Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Multiple Thanksgivings.

4 turkeys in 3 days. That has to be some sort of record right??? That was how our holiday went down last week...and man was it good.

There was a good reason for why I didn't post on here for uhh almost a week. It's called turkey coma. And it's dangerous. Leading to uncontrollable sleeping and continuous pumpkin pie eating.

So yeah...the first one was at our house on Wed night, our neighbors came over and I made our entire dinner including a 15lb turkey (okay in my defense, typically we buy a 10lb for us and we have a ton of leftovers..the whole foods guy said 15 was good for 4 people, LIAR. we had so much turkey it was coming out our ears), dressing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce with citrus (well i bought this from whole foods, i must fess up), gravy, and the most divine pumpkin cheesecake EVER from Sugar Butter Flour (See orgasmic dessert post below). And my neighbor got a mini pecan pie from WF which promptly made it's way into our kitchen, never to be seen again. Then we had the real holiday at our house with my family. On Friday we went to my uncle's house for a holiday with them and my cousin who flew in from LA. And my other super pregnant-about-to-pop cousin who drove up with us...I swear the whole way up there I was envisioning a delivery by the side of the road kind of thing. And THEN we came home that night and ate a 4th dinner with our neighbors who spent the day cooking THEIR dinner. Whew.

I gotta say that it was awesome to have 4 diff turkeys, 4 diff cranberry sauces, 4 diff stuffings/dressings, multiple desserts, multiple veggies. Not one dinner was 'the same'. Variety to the max. And I'm all about variety.

At this point Greg was ready to swear off turkey forever, but not me. I love me some high protein lean turkey breast. And our breasts on the 15lber were BIG. Portia wasn't left out, she got all the dark meat on the turkey, more than could fit in her little body for days on end.

I managed to actually get some workouts in during the days of gorgefest, and my Dad, Greg and I did the Turkey Troy on the big day, which was super fun. So I had NO GUILT on the 2nd meal at least. Don't know that it carried over at all to meals 3 and 4. Or ummm...when I finished off the pumpkin cheesecake on Sunday night.

Mashed Taters...creamy good and I capitulated and used real butter. Good times.

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