Monday, December 3, 2007

Holiday Overdose.

Yep, I admit it, I'm a decor whore. Christmas decor whore to be exact. It's pretty bad many other times of the year but at Christmas it just all comes out. My pallet of Xmas stuff that is. Greg pulls it out from under the house and typically grouses about how much I have...but this year he has been quite good natured about the whole thing, quite in the spirit to my surprise. He even put up my snowflakes and the outside lights without me having to ask (typically I do it). So because he was helping out in other ways this year, I had way more time on my hands to uhhh...add more decor to the house. It's a little crazy I admit. Tonite he asked me 'so who's going to be seeing this new masterpiece...' because we aren't planning on hosting any parties this year (that will change)...I said 'US!!!'. Well and now, you too.

So yeah, this last weekend we spent a good amount of time putting the rest of the house 'together'. And it looks quite good I am proud to say! Yay for sparkly holidays, the best kinds.

Here's what I started with. One 6.5' noble fir, naked and cold.

Add countless red, gold, and silver ornaments (who knew I was such a ball collector??)...

Equals super sparkly results, along with a bored looking rat.

The rest of the cheery abode...

Downstairs tree. You can see the outside 'project in progress' with Greg happening.

I've got more pictures (no really...) but have to upload them so check back later for the rest of the pretty sparkly items.

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Janna & Derrick said...

Super pretty trees and poor bored little rat! She is so cute!
I want to see the rest of the pictures!