Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Card's In the Mail!

So I am currently loving Shutterfly right now. Not because of it's super user friendly interface or amazingly bug-free experience (neither of which are actually true...the thing was a PITA to use)...but because you can create cutey little collage photo cards for holiday mailings. Oh...what you say...lots of other online sites do that? How right you are.

HOWEVER, where Shutterfly trumps the others is the ability to select 'let us mail cards for you'...which I swear is like hearing the heavens open up and angels begin to sing. What...no mailing of xmas cards this year? No trauma of looking at them sitting on the cold granite island waiting to be addressed? No buying stamps? Be still my little heart.

I signed right up, spent way too many hours uploading images and playing with our card...and finally hit the button last nite. So who knows when these little gifts from God will arrive to our lucky recipients, but at least *I* don't have to be licking envelopes. And that was worth the exhorbitant price I had to pay for each card. And now...I can concentrate on wrapping presents. Yanno, the fun stuff.

Soooo...if you are wondering why our Xmas cards haven't come this year, wonder no longer. Card's in the mail!! I swear.

1 comment:

Janna & Derrick said...

We got ours on Saturday!
Talk about a speedy delivery!
Very cute sleepy time picture of miss portia I must say!