Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gourmet Dinner.

Our fabulous neighbors have family visiting from out of town (way out of town!!!) and her father is a chef...so we jumped at the chance to go over on Sunday evening, and partake of his fabulous cooking and baking. The presentation of the food was so awesome that I had to capture it on camera and it tasted just as yummy as it looked. Greg is a big fan of this Slovakian fruit liquor ... it comes in flavors like plum and apple etc...and Slavka's parents brought a bottle of apple which the boys freely imbibed. The next morning Greg was feeling the pain, but he's still a Slivovitza lover..we went over last nite to take some cookies (and got some fabulous homemade cake in exchange) and he managed to down 2 shots within the 10 minutes he was there. What a pro!

amazing starters, check out the intricacy of the deviled eggs. mine will always seem so cheap & tawdry looking in comparion forevermore.

after a little wine...

the infamous slavovica (or slivovitza to us americanos)

pretty latte.

big fresh fruit platter completed the lavish dinner (which was multi-coursed, i just didn't get great photos of it all...)

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