Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Merry!

Well the day is finally here, MERRY CHRISTMAS from Greg & Mara to anyone reading my little corner of the blogosphere. We are about to get down and dirty opening gifts, I of course took a picture of our overflowing tree, it's always so sad when it's bare and cold and naked after the fact. I don't mind delaying for a while just to live vicariously through wrapped present glory. Hope everyone is enjoying their wonderful day with friends and family!!

In celebration of Christmas Eve, yesterday I pulled out the rest of the rugelach dough from the other day and made more pinwheels. This time with dried cranberries, coconut, brown sugar, cinnamon and walnuts with apricot and these were rockin! Though honestly the first batch was great too, but these were just a little less sweet and more tart but still sweet. Hmm that made no sense. Anyway, rave reviews from hubby, who said 'those pinwheel things are good, i ate a few'...haha. I def think these and the PB cookies are my fave this year. I'm hoarding the PB cookies and trying to eat them sparingly, because how often do I bake with hydrogenated oil Skippy? Once a year.

This 2nd batch of rugelach came out way more visually lovely than the first tries I made. Those were still good looking but nowhere near SmittenKitchen or Janna beauty, now I finally feel like I got more of the hang of it.

rugelach beauties.

ready for it's closeup.

Time for presents!! Have a wonderful day everyone. Hugs and kisses from Greg, Mara and the snow princess, Portia.

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