Monday, December 10, 2007

Ho Ho Holiday Party.

Sym had their holiday party on Friday...we went, we whooped, and we came home. It was quite fab actually...they rented out the 'Silicon Valley Computer Museum' which for those of us who have been around the SV longer than a few years remember as the original first SGI building. The original 'Yahoo' of the SV...they had oodles of buildings up and down Shoreline Blvd and everyone would whisper about visiting their awesome colorful, fun, trendy, uber-cool building. Now it's just the SV Computer Museum as SGI is sadly no more. I love the building's history.

Two bands, lots of food, free flowing alcohol and a whole room of desserts. My kind of party. We danced a long while and snapped some incriminating pictures. Not so much on the incriminating part but lots of pictures.

Some highlights.

We clean up nice.

A few of my fabulous teammates and some strange little mushroom shaped ice cream numbers on a stick which we consumed in the multiples.

Me and Vivi...It's so fun to have her working with me again.