Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fresh Baked Goods.

So this weekend I got out the baking goodies and got to work. I absolutely love making cookies but since I don't really eat them that often (rephrase...I would love to eat them all the time but I *cant* eat them that often and still fit into my jeans)...I hardly ever make them. So when the holidays roll around, I am more than happy to bake incessantly and give away 99% of the fruit of my labors so that they expand someone else's waistlines instead of mine. ;) Though really Greg can eat 20 cookies and never gain anything so he's a great guinea pig.

I made some double chocolate peppermint dream cookies and snickerdoodles. When I don't want chocolate, the snickerdoodles are seriously my fave cookie ever. The chocolate ones came out so incredibly rich and I halved the butter in the recipe, so it was amazing to think that the original recipe called for double the butter. I really have no idea where it'd go, they were really rich anyway. And I did the same in the snickerdoodle recipe and they came out wonderful, to rave reviews from my better half (though maybe it was his spiked eggnog talking?).

Fruits of Labor.

Double Chocolate Peppermint Dream:


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Janna & Derrick said...

The Snickerdoodles look YUMMY!
Mmmmm! How's it going? You ready for Christmas?