Saturday, October 20, 2007

Frosting and Tropical Fun...

We've got cupcakes!! Finally uncovered the USB are the cupcakes from earlier this week in all their frostingy fabulous glory.

I had one or two of the chocolate frosting ones (with choco cupcake, not pictured here), but actually only ate the frosting part with a bit of the cake. It's all about the frosting...cake is for weenies!

And I yanked out the camera today and got this super cute shot of Princess P sunbathing on the new leather ottoman downstairs in the living room.

Doesn't it look like she owns the place??? When is she going to start paying the mortgage? we're off to Mexico tomorrow...Acapulco for a week for my 33rd birthday (yikes!) and a friend's wedding. They have 80 guests coming, wowsers! Here's where we'll be staying. And it has a full exercise room. Not sure what that means, a lone recumbent bike from the 1950s? If so, I will burn that thing into the ground!! And it's got three pools. We'll be using those quite often I imagine.

A tan for Thanksgiving? Sweet. We'll be gone for a week..until then, adios!!


Janna & Derrick said...

Just think, you can have a print too, when you have a baby! A sweet baby, a ring upgrade and free art! Who could ask for anything more?

Mara said...

woman you have a one track mind!!!