Monday, October 29, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We're back!!! Got in late last nite and actually had to work today, what is up with that noise? BUT I came in to a great fabulous coworkers had decorated my cube and area for my birthday (our team is crazy about that stuff!) and there were numerous goodies waiting for me.

The cutest cupcake evahhhh!! Thanks Miss Brit for this one.

And the decor made me feel like I was still chillin by the pool in Acapulco...

There were also donuts and homemade cupcakes where the frosting is out of this world....Continuation of the gorgefest experienced on our Mexico trip (I can't even count how many times the words 'Strawberry Daquiri' crossed my lips!!) trainer will see me tonite so I am afraid as to what she'll say!!! She'll probably put me on a lettuce diet or something. According to the scale in our room I 'gained' 2 lbs at the end of our trip (gosh only 2? I was GRATEFUL!), but my jeans fit me fine today so maybe it was just the equivalent of water ala tequila weight?? I can wish.

Massive amounts of travel pictures to come.

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Janna & Derrick said...

Is that a monkey in your cube?
Love the white decorations and the pumpkin cupcake was extra cute!