Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nesting Instinct..

Recently I went through a spurt of home decorating...the amazing part is that we don't have visitors coming (which is code for me to realize 'OH CRAP, stuff has to get done around the house!'). So, I am just calling it the 'fall nesting instinct', considering we'll be spending a fair amount of our future months in the house during the rainy cold season in California (don't laugh, it really is rainy and cold!)...I want to enjoy being indoors as much as possible.

So we finally got rid of the monstrous halfway dying ficus tree that has been the bane of my husband's visual existence for the last 3 years in our downstairs living/entry room. It went over to Mom's house to try to survive outside, yikes. Replaced it with a leather chair and ottoman from Macy's after much looks beautiful esp when layered with comfy throws and pillows, but I don't have photos just yet.

Then upstairs in the master, we are replacing our old wood wide blinds which have not held up AT ALL the last 4 years, with Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb linen textured shades in an off white. These should be quite pretty, but I'm a little concerned about it being too bright in the room when they are installed on all 4 of the windows. Our room gets so much light...but as G pointed out, not so much in the as long as it doesn't disrupt my beauty sleep, I am a'ok.

Here's how the master looks now:

New Hunter Douglas Duettes

Then we finally got artwork for the master and the master's only been what ? 4 years? and we'll probably move in the next year or so. But there's no time like the present! The master artwork for over the bed came from, all places, Cost Plus...4 square 15x15 canvas painted mahogany and white swirly floral prints that work fabulously with the dark wood and light blue we have in the room right now. They will go in a square over the bed.

They look a lot like this but imagine the cutouts painted white and the pieces are square not rectangular and there are 4 not two. Confused yet?

And the master bathroom artwork from my absolute fave online shopping decor site ever, Ballard Designs...these will go over our tub in our master bathroom and they will just barely fit!

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Janna & Derrick said...

I like the prints alot!
I can't wait to see them hung in your room...
You do realize that nesting is what pregnant women do, right? ;)