Thursday, October 18, 2007

Trip to the North?

In consideration of moving out of California at some point (speculation is fun)...we decided to visit North Carolina...specifically the Raleigh area, and determine if we felt like we could see ourselves living there in the near future (code for : does it have enough diversity and fabulous food for us to be happy?)

While we LOVED the area, it's beautiful and quite lushly green, and the food was definitely worth consideration, it's unfort too far from Greg's family for us to consider it any further. The idea is if we decide to move out of the warm bosom of my fam in the SF Bay, we have to go somewhere that is at least fairly local to G's family. Otherwise we'd be too much like a lone ship at sea...we need some connection to a home base.

BUT...while we were sad about it being too far (don't ask why we went in the first place...we thought somehow it was 1/2 the distance it actually was)..we had a wonderful time visiting the area and trying all the fabulous restaurants around there. Who knew the locals were SO DARN FRIENDLY????

And that they had such fabulous BISCUITS? I ...umm...ate a few more than 2.

Other photos...

Us at Mura Sushi in Raleigh, recommended by a friend!

Another great recommend, 115 Midtowne in Raleigh

and yet another recommend @ Second Empire...a beautiful historic house with organic food!

In my internet research on the area I discovered Tyler's Bar and Grill in a small town near Chapel Hill. So of course we HAD to go there. The town also had the cutest co-op market, gosh is this California in North Carolina?!?!

Just one of the many beautiful houses we saw on a long walk through the neighborhoods. This particular home had a stunning rose garden off to the right.

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