Thursday, October 18, 2007

Further East...

Since it had been a few years since we last visited the East Coast and Greg's fam...we took a jaunt out there in May of 2007 after our trip to Raleigh, NC...we just kept going. A 6 hour drive later, we were somewhat cranky but glad to arrive. Within the next week we covered a lot of ground and caught up with a lot of people!! While I wouldn't call it a 'vacation' (to me that term is reserved solely for lounging around on the beach with a drink in hand kinda days) was awesome, and the weather was beautiful. We even got a freak thunderstorm one day while driving back to Greg's Mom's house....which was REALLY COOL. Sheltered California girl here....!


Snuggles with Greg and Lucy

Everyone loves some meat.

SuzyQ, Greg, Mara

Anne, Leon, Greg

Greg w/Tom and Kathy's kidlets. Look at that grin. SCARY!

Greg & Tom...could be brothers?

We visited Greg's college campus, Lehigh University. The most beautiful old buildings and amazing hills to hike. We went up and did two 5 mile hikes while there, gotta burn off all the BROWNIES Greg's Mom kept making for us!!!

Beautiful Campus Church

Winding Drive on Campus (why didn't my college look like this???)

Like Mother like Son.

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Janna & Derrick said...

Awww! Lucy is cute and Greg does look surprisingly comfy and happy with those three kiddos in his arms. Hmmmm.....