Thursday, January 3, 2008

California Coast New Years.

Dug out the camera cable last nite and did a little uploading. Many pictures to ensue of our fun little jaunt down the California Coast for New Years. Grab some hot apple cider and keep on scrollin.

sea rock inn. ( they were fab.

view from our deck.

our cozy little jr. suite

view from along the road.

amazing old fashioned fireplace. greg had a heyday with this. who knew i married a pyro?

yummy blueberry danish for breakkie both mornings at mendo bakery.

amazing feathery plant alongside road.

barn or house? not sure, but it's cool.

cute little church along the road.

loved this sky shot taken from main street in town. it looks like heaven.

series of sunset pictures, all within a few minutes of each other on the same evening.


where we ended up after a fab 5 star dinner at cafe beaujolais....dick's place.

we were seriously overdressed, but it didn't stop us from ringing in the new year with a drink and a smile.

Hope 2008 is fabulous for us all.

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Janna & Derrick said...

You went to Mendocino?!! How fun!
That place has such a special place in our hearts- 1) because we got married there 2) because it is breathtakingly beautiful 3) because the people are SO nice 4) because the food in every restaurant is Spectacular! Cafe Beaujolais is Awesome and we ate there the weekend we got married, along with Moose's, The Abalon River Inn's Restaurant and more.
Did you see lots of hippies?