Thursday, March 20, 2008

Let's Go Green...

For St. Patty's Day anyway.

Here are my masterpieces from Sunday night baking...I'm a lagger on posting as usual.

Chocolate Sour Cream cuppies with Bailey's Irish Cream frosting. The frosting was such a was crazy. I could just eat the frosting, forget the cake. Sacrilege????

The cake could be any recipe really. I used the one below from Sat and added sour cream, interesting consistency, people liked them.

The idea for Bailey's frosting is one I found online--can't recall where, but I used HowToEatACupcake's whipped buttercream idea...fabulous. Just gotta get it a bit stiffer next time I think. Or dollop it instead of pipe it.

Whipped Buttercream 'recipe'...I never get the quantities right but you get the idea.

1 stick softened butter
2c confectioners sugar
1/2c heavy whipped cream
1 tsp milk
Baileys Irish Cream liquer

Whip butter til creamed, add conf. sugar and milk til you get the consistency you want (might be more or less than 2c), add cream, whip with stand mixer paddle til insanely fluffy. Add liqeur. Frost.

I am still not sure if you have to refridgerate or not but I did anyway due to the small amount of cream. Don't want to give anyone food poisoning...hehee.

Out of what I have made so far, peanut gallery aka hubby's loves is this whipped buttercream and the kahlua cupcakes overall. I guess we like our sweet liquer!!

Cooling. They fell slightly which I wasn't sure about but frosting is fab for covering that up.

Whipped Buttercreamy goodness.

Frosted. Cuter this way I think before adding color.

St. Patty's Day-ified. One sweet coworker said they looked prof. Poor lovely deluded gal!!!


Anonymous said...
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How To Eat A Cupcake said...

You don't need the milk in this recipe, just the heavy cream :) And you were right about them needing to be refrigerated!

They look delish!

Mara said...

Ah ha thanks!! Will note for next time.

They were delish, even 3 days later from the fridge. Though fresh is best!!