Saturday, February 16, 2008

Traveling Fool.

MIA=Missing in Action.

That's been me for oh...gosh the last month!! But I have such a good excuse. I think it's called Life?

Traveled to Minnesota for work. GAH...Minnesota you ask? WHY? Yeah I ask myself that sometimes too. -13 degree weather. Yes that's a negative sign in front of the 13. I impressed even myself with my lack of reaction to the blistering cold and snow. It was very pretty and bleak at the same time. So incredibly dry that it made California look like a wetland. I was happy to come home and my sinuses were happy to rehydrate.

Traveled to Buffalo for fun. Well the traveling part was not fun, but the visiting part was. One of Greg's friend's from college turned 40 and his lovely wife wanted us to fly in as a surprise. Since we are unfettered by those pesky attachments called children and my parents are only too happy to be pretend owners of a white rat for a few days, we said SURE. While sitting through hours of delays in the airport, I often wonder why that SURE came out, but in the end the visit we had with Greg's pal and his family was so wonderful that it was totally worth all the painful travel scenarios. Suffice it to say we got turned around midair once AND delayed a day on our return. At least we got to watch the Superbowl on a plush couch with pizza, thanks to the extra day delay.

Then gosh...I had all these great plans for updating the blog!! I have a ton of pictures too. But coming back after 2 weeks of traveling...stuff at work was piling up, the house was a mess. Life!!

Then fate intervened in the form of a nasty little germ called the flu. Moi...down for the count for 4.5 full days. 101.5 degree temperature. Body aches, muscles feeling like someone was forcibly ripping them out of my body. Delirium. Was definitely fun times. Forced rest. Another week of work missed. Greg got it but not nearly as bad as me and was only out of work a day. Jealous of those awesome genes that boy has got going on.

So now here I am...fever free and finally catching up on the blog, my email, housework, grocery shopping, whew. It's been a long month. Oh and Valentine's Day? Lobster rolls on the couch with my honey was all she much for our awesome prix fixe dinner ressies at The Grill. But damn those lobster rolls were good, and the company was pretty sweet too.

A picture of my miniscule tray table in flight is up life encapsulated on a small square of 8x6 for hours on one of the flights.

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